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Portrait Andreas Frohloff
Andreas Frohloff is head of the Type Department at FontShop International. He has been organising calligraphy workshops at TYPO for years and teaches at various schools. He trained as a type designer and graphic artist and went on to specialise in type design and education.

Letter pictures (workshop)

The power of graphic expression of script is the key aspect of calligraphy. Can one write a picture? This is a key question of the workshop. Participants will learn about calligraphy basics, tools, materials and different forms of expression as they investigate letter forms. They will be led by their imagination and improvisation and will also receive tips on improving their own handwriting.

Letter pictures (workshop) (G)


Letter pictures (workshop #2) (G)


Letter pictures (workshop #2) (G)


Letter pictures (workshop #3) (G)


Letter pictures (workshop #3) (G)