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Portrait Ludovic Balland
Born in 1973. Graduate of the graphic designers’ class at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel/Switzerland. Specialised in typography, typesetting and concepts for books. Founded his own agency at the beginning of 2006 with a principal focus on typographic research and editorial design. Ludovic Balland is a visiting professor of typography at ECAL/University of Art and Design in Lausanne. He will begin a visiting professorship of typography at Weimar Bauhaus University in April 2008. Designed the graphics of the 5th berlin biennal for contemporary art and is currently working on two monographs.

Typographic Sightseeing (G)

The lecture will focus on the graphics of the »5th berlin biennal for contemporary art«. The design is based on the letter »B« and the number »5«. These two characters are being represented by elements of images, or montages of buildings in Berlin, facades, neighbourhoods, and parks, complemented by objects from the Museum of Things. Each print product carries a different »B« and »5«. Thus, a number of items have been produced, which offer a broad range of perspectives of the city of Berlin. The lecture is about a non-conventional way of dealing with type and images.