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Portrait Jonathan Barnbrook
Jonathan Barnbrook is one of the best known British graphic designers working today. His London based studio works across a broad range of disciplines including print design, industrial design, typeface design and motion graphics. He has collaborated with David Bowie on his album covers and Damien Hirst on his innovative books. In typeface design he released the groundbreaking fonts Exocet and Manson, He is also actively engaged in social design collaborating with NGOs and the Canadian anti-advertising organisation Adbusters.

Type is image (E)

Jonathan Barnbrook will discuss his typeface designs for Émigré (Ma[n]son, Exocet, Priori) and his own company Virus (Bastard, Prozac, Nixon etc). Highlighting how typefaces although seen as abstract forms are very much inspired by the figurative world. He will also discuss how naming a typeface after a serial killer can be very bad for your own image and why it is necessary to constantly draw fonts in order to express the spirit of an age.

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