TYPOBerlin 2008 - Image


Time TYPOhall TYPOshow TYPOlab TYPOstage
10:00 AM     Andreas Frohloff
Letter pictures (workshop)
11:00 AM Stefan Sagmeister
Things I have learned in my life so far (G)
  Andreas Frohloff
Letter pictures (workshop) (G)
12:00 PM Oded Ezer
Imag(in)e type (E)
Stephanie Fortmann
Working on oneself (G)
  Jonathan Barnbrook
Meet the designer
01:00 PM – Lunch – – Lunch – Andreas Conradi
A vision of Brazil – Exploring Brazil’s Visual Culture (G)
02:00 PM – Lunch – – Lunch – Roman Wilhelm
With other eyes – European and Chinese perspectives on corporate typography (G)
03:00 PM Dietmar Henneka
Why many pictures deserve to be put on the wall ... (G)
Yang Liu
East meets west (G)
Bernhard Pompeÿ
Communication design as conflict resolution?
David Berlow
Meet the designer (E)
04:00 PM Daniel M. Hartz
Photography – What’s on the agenda (G)
Nicolas Bourquin
»Je viens d'ici« (from here am I) (G)
Haemin Kim
Feeling by type and seeing by touch
Stefan Sagmeister
Meet the designer (G)
05:00 PM Jim Rakete
At face value (G)
Katrin Meyer
Meyerland – Image of a name (G)
Andreas Frohloff
Letter pictures (workshop #2) (G)
06:00 PM – Coffee break – – Coffee break – Andreas Frohloff
Letter pictures (workshop #2) (G)
07:00 PM Christian Schwartz
Couture Type and The New York Times (E)
» Looking for Mr Gill«
Documentary (E)
08:00 PM Marian Bantjes
Imagining myself (E)
Double Standards
… you see, I see. (G)
09:00 PM Edward »Ed« Benguiat
The liberated letter (E)