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Daniel M.



Portrait Daniel M. Hartz
Daniel Hartz has been a freelance photo designer for twenty years. He specialises in still-life photography. Today his international work, managed from his studios in Hamburg and Stuttgart, has a particular emphasis on transportation. Over the years the perspectives change, but so does the technology – sometimes significantly.
Three years ago he helped found ViewMasterCGI, a company that specialises in photo-realistic visualisation of products such as cars. A lot of pioneering work was required since the technique had already been used in a similar form in the film industry, but not yet in such a high-resolution form as that required for prints. The classic photographer profession is on the brink of change. As with typography a few years ago, the starting point is the change in technical resources.

Photography – What’s on the agenda (G)

A preview of the rapid transformation of picture language and technology and its limits.

Demonstration & questions (G)

Daniel will demonstrate the possibilities of modern photography and you are invited to ask your questions.